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“KT 955: The Curly or Frizzy Noodle Machine”

Noodle Making Machine KT 955

There are types of noodles anyone can make, and we are not just talking about how to cook them. Either boiled or fried, we can have them straight or frizzy.

To create one of the carbohydrate sources in Asia, of course, we need the best noodle making machine. How do we pick the best among the rest? How do we know that we make the right choices? Once again, it all depends on what we need. In this case, we need to make more noodles in such a short time. Not only that, the noodles that we make must have the best quality.

To make better, healthier noodles from scratch, manual laboring in the kitchen may last for a while. Just mix the flour, salt, eggs, butter, and milk and then knead them together. There, you have your dough. Then you can roll and dry it for twenty minutes before you start cutting them into shapes that you want. After that, you can dry the cut shapes again until they are no longer moist and sticky.

To curl or frizz up the cut shapes manually, you can either twist them a little bit or slightly fold or curve some parts before drying them. That way, once they are dry, you get the curly noodles that you want. This is not a skill that people can master easily, and some just do not have enough patience to practice.

Still, there is another better way to do this, and you need a KT 955 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik for that. Read and learn the benefits.

Why We Need KT 955 Noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik:

So, why do we need KT 955 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik for this? Well, this is one of the best products that we can rely on when making curly noodles. You will be amazed at what this machine can do. This one has more capacity than KL 945 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik, which is approximately 40 kilograms per hour. That means you get 50% extra amount of dough you can process compared to the other one.

Just like all noodle machines, KT 955 is made to make your life easier. You no longer have to tire yourself out from making a lot of curly noodles in such a short time. If you own a home industry business, like catering, street food vendor, or small restaurant, this machine is useful. The last thing you ever want is to disappoint your customers because they cannot get their orders served in time.

The Specifications of KT 955 Noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik:

To have a clearer idea of what KT 955 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik is all about here is the product description:

  1. The motor capacity is up to 1 phase.
  2. The power is 700 watts / 220 volts.
  3. As mentioned earlier, this machine can stir up to 40 kilograms of dough in capacity.
  4. The length is 160 centimeters.
  5. The width is 60 centimeters.
  6. The height is 95 centimeters.
  7. This machine has got an automatic conveyor belt, which helps you to check whether your noodles have been properly mixed and curled.

Why KT 955 Noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik Is Very Useful:

As one of the best products Bayoran Teknik can offer, these are the reasons why KT 955 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik is very useful:

  1. For you who own a home industry business or a restaurant, this can help you to work faster.
  2. The manual will help you to operate the machine if this is your first time.
  3. With its stainless steeled blades, you can clean them easily after each use. There are no more leftovers stuck there, and the blades will not easily rust.
  4. If the electricity goes out, you can still operate KT 955 manually. You will not drive your customers away unless they cannot stand hanging at your restaurant with the AC off and prefer take-outs instead.
  5. The blades are changeable when you need to use the new ones.
  6. The serrated blades inside the machine can help you to shape the dough into straight or frizzy noodles. This means no more manual cutting and shaping that will take most of your time and energy.
  7. With the food grade, KT 955 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik is safer to use. You will not have to worry about the toxins transferred into the foods you eat, even the ones produced by this machine.
  8. This machine does not take up so much space because it is quite compact.
  9. This machine does not make any noise at all when you operate it. You do not have to worry about getting complaints from your customers because they will not hear a thing.
  10. Since noodles often go with dumplings, KT 955 can also be used to make dumpling skins. Thus, you save a lot of money by not having to purchase another machine. As people say, it is like hitting two birds with one stone.
  11. When you want to make dumpling skins instead of noodles, you do not need to use the serrated blades inside. Remove them, so they will not cut and shred the dough in certain ways.
  12. As mentioned earlier, this machine stirs up the dough faster and produces more noodles. It saves time and your energy.
  13. KT 955 can last for a very long time, as in decades. It can be longer if you keep a regular maintenance to make sure the machine still works well.
  14. Although this machine can last for a very long time, it still has a one-year guarantee in case you need any fixing. It means, for the first year since you first bought the machine, you can request a free repairment service.

So, there are 14 reasons why KT 955 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik in your kitchen. If you would like your home industry business or your restaurant business to progress faster and become more profitable, stop doing it manually. You can produce more noodles and dumpling skins without wearing yourself out too, thanks to this incredible machine.

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