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“GO 945: The Noodle Making Machine”

Eating noodles has been common in Asian countries and now it is also the same thing around the world. As an alternative source of carbohydrate after rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cassava, these hair strand-like meals are easy to make. They come in various types and versions. Do you like them curly or straight? Do you want them boiled or fried?

If you are the busy type, having instant noodles for your daily breakfast is probably your choice. Doing the real cooking is almost out of the question unless you are on the weekends and not going anywhere. Still, you cannot do that all the time. If you want to stay healthy, you need to start changing your diet and leave the old, damaging lifestyle.

Of course, one of the things that you can do now is to make your fresh noodles at home. With the right ingredients (flour, salt, eggs, butter, and milk), you can get the right dough for the meals. Just knead them together before rolling and drying them for twenty minutes. Then, cut the dough into the hair strand-like shapes. To lose the moisture and stickiness of the dough, dry those cut shapes again.

But, is that even enough? Surely, you can twist those strands a bit to create the curls or the frizzes before drying the cut shapes. Unfortunately, you may not have the skills and the patience. It is even problematic if you own a home industry business, like catering or restaurant. You do not want to keep your customers waiting for their orders too long. You might lose them anytime soon.

Of course, it is alright if you can make your noodles manually at home. Not only they are much healthier, and you get to create them in any way you want to. However, there are some things that even the strongest person cannot do. Finishing fresh, homemade noodles a lot in such a short time is impossible if you are all by yourself. Therefore, we need to know more about GO 945 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik.

Why We Need GO 945 Noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik:

So, why do we need GO 945 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik? Is it even worth it?

GO 945 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik is one of the best products that you should consider before investing. Why? This machine is very helpful if you own a home industry business or run a restaurant that serves Asian foods. This one works even wonderfully to help you to run a food cart business. We all know how impatient our customers are when they are hungry.

With GO 945 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik, you do not even need to hire too many staff at work. You can even operate this machine all by yourself, if you read the manual first.

Speaking of manuals, why don’t we have a look at GO 945 noodle machine’s specifications? Then you will see more reasons why you need to start investing on this.

The Specifications of GO 945 Noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik:

So, what are the specifications of this GO 945 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik? Read along before you can enjoy the benefits:

  1. The motor capacity is up to 1 phase.
  2. The power is 600 watts / 220 volts.
  3. This machine can stir up to 20 kilograms of dough in capacity.
  4. The length is 200 centimeters.
  5. The width is 62 centimeters.
  6. The height is 130 centimeters.
  7. This machine has got an automatic conveyor belt, and the speed of the belt can be controlled, depending on how you like it. That way, you can decide whether you want your noodles to be straight or frizzy.

Now you know the description of this product. Still, why do we need to use GO 945 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik? Check out these benefits to help you to decide.

noodle making machine bayoran teknik

Why GO 945 Noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik Is Very Useful:

As one of the best and the latest products that Bayoran Teknik can offer, these are the reasons why you need to consider investing in this machine:

  1. Need to work faster in such a short time? GO 945 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik will rock your world and fill your kitchen with more than enough noodles. This means no more delayed orders and impatient customers waiting in a long line.
  2. This machine is automatic. You do not need to sweat yourself out while operating GO 945 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik. The manual is easy to read and understand.
  3. You can even get free recipes for samples if you are a first-time user. Even better, you will get proper training in how to operate the machine if you still have problems understanding the procedure.
  4. As mentioned earlier, you get to control the automatic conveyor belt of the machine. That way, you get to work on how thin or thick the noodles should be.
  5. Want your noodles to be straight or frizzy? With this machine, either is possible.
  6. Two rolling pins can be used at once. This will help you to thicken the dough if you want your noodles to be thicker. The first roll is higher than the second on top of the machine. That way, the layer of the first roll of dough will be overlapped by the second on the conveyor belt.
  7. The method above can also be used if the dough is a little wrecked here and there or folded on the edges. The overlapping technique by using two layers of dough can take care of that.
  8. Since noodles can always go together with dumplings, then you can also create dumpling skins with this machine. Of course, you do not need the blades to shred the dough into hair strand-like shapes. Just remove them for a while.
  9. Just like other noodle machines or mixers, GO 945 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik is provided with a one-year guarantee. If yours needs to be fixed or change during that time, you can get either for free. No worries.

Hopefully, the nine (9) benefits above will give you more reasons to start investing in GO 945 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik. With that wondrous machine, you will produce more noodles (and also dumpling skins) for your business.


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