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Grow your noodle business with noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik KT 985-2S

Starting a business is not always as easy as it looks. People said the only thing you need is capital. But is not always work that way. You got to make a very detailed business plan. Knowing how much profit you will get each day, weeks, and month. Knowing the disadvantage, you’ll get and your rival in the business. Knowing when you will get into the break event point and so on. There are a lot of things you must prepare before you dive into the business world.

One thing is for sure, having your own business will be fun. You can do whatever business you want. You are the boss, and no one will give you order because you are the one who gives the order. Nevertheless, running a business will take time and patience. Don’t worry about loss and red ink. The Loss is a common thing when starting a business. It will make you learn how to innovate new things for your business in the future. Sometimes you must lose to get a bigger profit.

In Asia, especially, one of the most promising businesses to make is noodle business. But is not impossible to do it in another country outside of Asia. There is many noodle restaurant in Europe and United States. Instant noodle is also one of the most favorite food in Africa. Noodle is not only Asian cuisine. For example, there is spaghetti from Italy and Saimin from Hawaii. So basically, you can start your noodle business in any country in the world.

Choosing noodle as your business theme means, you must choose between becoming a restaurant/street food noodle merchant, or having a factory that sells fresh raw noodles to the market. Choosing a restaurant/street food as your business will test your patience in growing the brand. But choosing to have a noodle factory as your business will be easier. Your business will grow fast because you already have the market.

Now you only got to think of how to make the noodles. The traditional noodle-making is made with hand. The process is called La Mian, an ancient Chinese method of stretching and twisting noodle until it reaches the springiest texture. It will take almost a day to make it springy. Additionally, you got to hire people for your factory, and it will cost an additional capital as well. The thing is, making handmade noodle is good, but not efficient.

Bayoran Teknik industry provides a fully automatic noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik KT 985-2S to make a perfect and best quality of noodle. KT 985-2S is a fully high technology machine that will make your noodle making more efficient. This machine will be very useful for you if you want to build a large noodle factory with larger quantity than home industry business. Because this machine has a huge capacity of 100 kg per hour, it will surely save human resources and capital.

KT 985-2S is feature are also one of the best in its class. A 2HPp – 1 phase engine that is made from stainless food grade and only 2200 watt/220 volt of electricity usage make this machine not only having an excellent performance while running but also saving a lot of burning electricity power.

This automatic noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik KT 985-2S is one the best option to have your business run smoothly

Unlike its predecessors who only have one pressing machine, the KT 985-2S is equipped with two pressing machines. It will make the noodle pressing process more manageable and save a lot of times. Not only that, with two times pressing in one rotation, your noodle texture will be springier and more solid.  This is the main advantage of noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik KT 985-2S.

noodle making machine bayoran teknik KT 985-2S

So how does this electric noodle maker machine work? These are the steps if you are making noodle with the KT 985-2S:

  1. First, make the paste of the noodle per the recipe. After mixing the paste put it on the pressing cylinder.
  2. Change the pressing button to 0 or 1 (sometimes it depends on the texture you want); the paste will enter the machine, and it becomes flat. Unlike the previous machine made by Bayoran Teknik, you only must repeat this step 2-3 times.
  3. To make the noodle paste not sticky, you can sprinkle wheat flour/sago flour all over the paste. Because if the paste is too sticky, the texture of the noodles will be broken and cannot be cut.
  4. Insert the noodle knife on the machine, and then press it again, this time with the knife on it. Now you will get your noodle ready.
  5. You can upgrade the KT 985 2S to GO 985 2S. It will ease your task of rolling the paste by installing an automatic turning gear at the edge of the machine.

Beginning a business is not easy. When beginning a business, you must prepare all the things you need to run the business. In this globalization era, everyone can have their own business. But one thing is for sure, and there will be many competitors.

The competition will be strict, and people will be forced to make innovation in their business. Therefore, you must choose the right business and the right way to make your business succeed in the future. And noodle industry is one of the most promising industry these days.

Some people said, if you want to have a success business, you got to combined it with high technology which will be an advantage. It will be the same way if you want to begin your noodle factory. Bayoran Teknik with their automatic noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik KT 985-2S offer you a machine that have all it takes to make a springy and quality noodle. With this machine fulfill your factory, it will be sure that you are ready to unleash many kinds of fresh raw noodle like Bakmi and Ramen.


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