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Start your own noodles business with KL 945 noodles maker machine Bayoran Teknik

There are so much delicious culinary all over the world. One thing for sure, every states and culture has their different taste when it comes to food. In Asia, there is one common food that almost every country has it. It is also one of the most favorite compared to the other dishes. The name of the food is the noodle. Noodle is very common for people who lived in Asia which lead to high demand for noodle maker. And it becomes the main ingredient in almost every dish. Everyone who lived in Asia loves to eat noodle. They eat it for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. So, we can say that noodle is Asia and vice versa.

Of course, people all over the world knows the famous Tsukemen Ramen dish from Japan. But that is not all. Many other dishes make noodle as its main ingredient. Japchae from Korea, Mie Goreng from Indonesia, Phad Thai from Thailand, Banmian from China, Laksa from Malaysia, and many more dishes from Asia.

These dishes have noodle as their main ingredient. Some are stir-fried with meat and vegetables like Mie Goreng from Indonesia. Some are stewed with vegetables and egg, like the Banmian from China. Some like to have it spicy like the Laksa of Malaysia, or sweet like Tsukumen Ramen of Japan.

For most of the people, it’s easy to eat noodle dish by buying it in a restaurant or the street (since many of noodle cuisine in Asia are street food). But what if you can’t buy it because you’re not in Asia? Or maybe too lazy to go outside, but you want to eat noodle. The thing is, you want noodle but you can’t or you don’t want to go outside. Or maybe, you can start your own business by selling various noodle cuisine from all over the world. So, to begin, the question is, how to make a noodle?

Originally, making noodle take a long process. This process is called La Mian. La Mian is a traditional Chinese way to make noodle. You must stretch and twist wheat flour and then cut it one by one. And it will take almost a day to do it. Cutting it to thin form will be the hardest part of this process. Most of the traditional restaurant in Chinese village use this method to make noodle.

But don’t try to apply this traditional way in your business if you are a newbie and not an expert in the noodle making. So why don’t you make it in a modern way with a fully automatic noodle making machine? One of the best machine for a newbie in noodle business industry is the KL 945 made by Bayoran Teknik. KL 945 is a high technology automatic noodle making machine that is easy to use and easy to store because of its slim shape. Only 120 cm length, 60 cm width, and 95 cm height.

KL 945 machine is an electric noodle maker machine that is equipped with a 550 watt/220-volt power and a ¾ Hp – 1 phase engine made with stainless food grade. You can easily make noodles in no time because it’s include cutting and pressing. You don’t need to stretch and twist it by yourself like the traditional method. This machine can also be operated manually while not connecting to electricity.

Noodle Maker KL 945

Of course, when starting your noodle business, you must stock a lot of fresh noodle in your storage. KL 945 noodles maker machine have all the technology you need. With an enormous capacity of 20 kg per hour, you don’t have to worry if you are making a lot of noodles at one time.

The next question is, how does this machine work. It is very simple to do. The first thing you should do is choosing what kind of noodle do you want. Straight or curly noodle. For straight noodle, you can do it automatically. But if you want a curly one, you must do it manually. Here is an example of making a simple noodle. The steps to operate the KL 945 noodles maker machine are:

  1. First, make the paste of the noodle per the recipe. After mixing the paste put it on the pressing cylinder.
  2. Change the pressing button to 0 (sometimes it depends on the texture you want), the paste will enter the machine and get flattened. Repeat this steps 4-5 times until the paste become flat and solid.
  3. To make the noodle paste not sticky, you can sprinkle wheat flour/sago flour all over the paste.
  4. Insert the noodle knife on the machine, and then press it again, this time with the knife on it. Now you will get your noodle ready.

You must be sure to repeat the pressing steps correctly. So, you will have a springy and solid noodle and not easily broken. Not only you will get a quality noodle, just like the handmade noodle, you will also have quantity depends on the amount you want. Your work will also be faster, so you don’t have to tire your hands stretching and twisting the noodle paste.

Making noodle in the past is not an easy task at all. There is a special method that must be mastered to make a good and springy noodle paste. So, that’s why the invention of KL 945 noodles maker machine is an advance in technology. With the same quality as a handmade noodle, KL 945 is the best option to make noodle in a faster way.

It is also very helpful for people who wants to start their own noodle business. Noodle company is one of the most promising business these days. An advanced technology and a fully automatic noodle making machine will be a perfect combination for a great noodle business. With all the great features like cutting, pressing, and huge capacity, KL 945 surely will smoothen the business. Get yourself one now and grow your business.



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