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“KT 965: The Automatic Fresh Noodle Machine.”

Bayoran Teknik Noodle Machine- These days, more people are more aware of staying healthy. One of the things that they can do is making their foods instead of buying something like your regular pre-packaged instant noodles. Aside from consuming other sources of carbohydrate like rice, potatoes, cassava, and sweet potatoes, these hair strand-like meals have been the favorite of many, especially in Asian countries.

You might think that making your noodles at home from scratch is no walk in the park. It is true if you do that manually. You start from creating the dough. The ingredients for the dough include salt, butter, flour, eggs, and some milk. Knead them together before leaving them dry for twenty minutes. After that, it is time to cut the dough into hair strand-like shapes before drying them again.

The result? It is time to cook your noodles. You can have them boiled or fried. You can even improvise by making them curly or keeping them straight. Making some dumplings to go with the meals? Why not? They will be more delicious, and people will ask for more.

Do sounds like a hassle? Unfortunately, that is the case when making your noodles at home manually. Not only you need a lot of time to get them all done, but you will also wear yourself out in the end. Surely, you do not want to spend the whole day just making homemade noodles when you also have other things to do, right?

Therefore, you need to know Noodle Machine KT 965.

What is KT 965? It is one of the best noodle machines that can help you to make more noodles in such a short time. Forget wearing yourself out. Forget about wasting so much time doing it manually. This machine is going to be your best asset in business. Whether you own a restaurant or a catering business, you need this.

Why We Need KT 965 Noodle machine Bayoran Teknik:

If you just love cooking in your kitchen at home for the sake of it, that is all good. But when you invite many people over, surely you need to make sure that they have enough noodles to eat, especially if you bring your family and relatives for a gathering.

If you are the owner of a home industry business, like a restaurant, catering, or a street food vendor, you need this machine. If you still have second thoughts, perhaps its specifications can help you to make the right decision and start investing in one.

So, what are the specifications of KT 965 noodle machine Bayoran Teknik? How good is it?

noodle machine

The Specifications of KT 965 Noodle machine Bayoran Teknik:

With these specifications, your will have more amount of noodles and with better quality too:

  1. The motor capacity is up to 1 phase.
  2. The power is 1100 watts / 220 volts.
  3. This machine can stir up to 50 kilograms of dough in capacity. That means it produces more than other noodle machines around. In a day, that means you can produce 400 kilograms per day, which is excellent for your restaurant business.
  4. The length is 188 centimeters.
  5. The width is 64 centimeters.
  6. The height is 140 centimeters.
  7. This machine has got an automatic conveyor belt, just like other noodle machines.
  8. This machine is massive, though. It weighs 250 kilograms, so you might need more help in moving it around. Never risk hurting yourself by picking this thing up all alone.

Still having second thoughts about KT 965 noodle machine Bayoran Teknik? You had better not because the benefits will amaze you. After that, your business will never be the same.

Why KT 965 Noodle machine Bayoran Teknik is Very Useful:

So, why is KT 965 noodle machine Bayoran Teknik very useful? Here are the reasons:

  1. As mentioned earlier, this machine produces 50 kilograms per hour, which in total means 400 kilograms per day. That means you no longer have to worry about delayed orders and complaints from the impatiently waiting customers.
  2. Obviously, this machine is automatic, so no more wearing yourself out from making a lot of noodles at home.
  3. It is easy to operate.
  4. When you buy the machine, you will also get free recipes to cook your homemade noodles. You can even get proper training in how to operate the machine.
  5. If you do not feel satisfied with the first process of making your noodles, you can redo the process by putting the hair strand-like shapes back into the machine. Then, join them again into the same old flat dough. Roll the dough before putting it back into the machine and cut them automatically.
  6. Frizzy or straight noodles? Take your pick. This machine can make both.
  7. The compression strength is much stronger than KT 955.
  8. Not only redoing the process of making noodles, but you can also even cover the shredded or folded parts of the dough by overlapping it with another layer of dough. This technique has always been very useful.
  9. KT 965 noodle machine Bayoran Teknik is provided with a one-year guarantee. Although we all hope that the machine does not break easily, we still need this guarantee. If this machine needs to be repaired during that year, you can request it for free. This means customer satisfaction is also guaranteed.
  10. Want to make dumpling skins with this machine too? Why not? Just remove the stainless-steel blades inside, so the dough will not be shredded into hair strand-like shapes.
  11. It is affordable and a good investment for your culinary business. With the 400 kilograms per day capacity, you can turn your business from a small-scale restaurant to a grander Asian cuisine dine-in. Why staying the same when you can make a better change?

These eleven reasons why having KT 965 noodle machine Bayoran Teknik to support your business is crucial. So, what are you waiting for? Start buying and learning how to operate this machine. After that, keep working hard to expand your Asian food business and eventually, gain more profit.



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