MS 410


Noodle Dough Mixer MS 410

noodle dough mixer

Noodle Mixer Type MS 410 has capacity of 10kg/10 minutes. It is the best noodle mixer you can get. No matter if you are in home-industry noodle business or owning a noodle restaurant. Motor of 3/4 horsepower single phase. Does not need high electricty to run the machine.

Motor : 3/4 Hp –  1 phase
Power : 550 watt/220 volt
Capacity : 10 kg/10 min
Length : 90 cm
Width : 60 cm
Height : 70 cm
Keterangan : Adukan Mie

Noodle Dough Mixer Type MS 410 is the most wanted noodle mixer in Indonesia. It is light, durable, fast and efficient. You just need 10 minutes to mix a 10 kilogram of noodle dough. The weight is only 80 kilogram. And the size of the mixer is pretty small. It doesn’t consume too much face in your kitchen or factory.


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