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“KT 985: The High Capacity Noodle Machine.”

If you are a big fan of noodles, then you are lucky for living in Asian countries. Indonesia is one of them. Aside from rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cassava, noodles are also carbohydrate sources. Either fried or boiled, you can have them for your breakfast or lunch. You can even have the regular straight version or the frizzy or curly kind.

Many people, especially those living in urban areas, prefer making instant noodles instead of starting from scratch. This is understandable if you are the busy type. The only time you can relax and spend more time cooking in the kitchen is when you are on the weekends with more spare time to do. That means no going out with friends or other house chores to do.

Still, the habit of consuming anything instant all the time is not good for your health. Is it possible to make your own noodles at home? Sure, why not? Just use enough flour, butter, milk, salt, and eggs before you knead them all together into a dough. Then you leave the dough to dry for twenty minutes before cutting it into the shape that you want. In this case: strands of hair.

Well, you can do that for a small number of people. You can even add some dumplings to go with the noodles. Whether it is for a birthday party or a big family gathering, everyone will love the meals. The problem is, this is something that you cannot do on your own without taking so much of your time.

The solution to this issue is to introduce you to one of the best products that can help you. It is called KT 985 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik.

So, what is so special about KT 985 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik? Why do you even need to consider investing in this one?

Why We Need KT 985 Noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik:

Now, here comes the moment of truth:

Why do we need KT 985 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik? Obviously, saving your energy and producing more noodles in such a short time are two main reasons. But before we go on any further, let’s check out the specifications of this incredible machine.

The Specifications of KT 985 Noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik:

kt 985 noodle making machine

How great is this machine, by the way? Hopefully, these specifications will convince you that it is worth it:

  1. The motor capacity is up to 2 Hp.
  2. The power is 1500 watts / 220 volts.
  3. Obviously, the capacity of this machine is much bigger than KT 965. It can produce up to 70 kilograms per hour.
  4. The length is 207 centimeters.
  5. The width is 72 centimeters.
  6. The height is 146 centimeters.
  7. Since the capacity of this machine is huge, the power and the compression strength are also bigger than other noodle machines available.
  8. KT 985 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik is also the largest product among the other ones so far. It is also very solid. You might also need more help when you want to move the machine around from one place to another.

If these specifications of KT 985 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik have not convinced you yet, then start checking out its benefits too. Once you have at least one of these, you will not regret it.

Why KT 985 Noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik Is Very Useful:

What are the proofs that having one KT 985 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik in your kitchen is worth it? Check these reasons out before you decide:

  1. As mentioned earlier, this machine produces 70 kilograms per hour. If you own a home industry business, like catering or a small restaurant from home, this will boost up your production of noodles. No more tiring yourself out from doing the same thing manually.
  2. Like all noodle machines available, this one is also automatic.
  3. Of course, there is no use having a sophisticated machine if it is hard to operate. With the manual provided, even a first-time user can give it a try without feeling too much like an amateur.
  4. Speaking of amateurs, is this your very first time making your own noodles, whether manually or with the help of a machine? When you buy one, you get free samples of recipes to make your own noodles. You can even get proper training to help you to understand the machine better.
  5. What type of noodles are you making? Curly or straight? With KT 985, you can make either and with better quality too.
  6. There is no need to worry about the shredded or folded parts of the dough. You also need not worry about the fringes at the edge of it. With this machine, you can cover them with another layer on top and have it compressed again to tidy it up. You can even redo the process if it is not enough.
  7. As mentioned earlier, you can also make dumpling skins with this machine. That means you need to remove the stainless-steel blades before you put the dough in. That way, the dough will not be shredded into hair strand-like shapes. Once the dough is dry enough, then you can start cutting it into rectangular shapes for your dumplings.
  8. Just like all good-quality noodle machines, KT 985 is also provided with a one-year guarantee. If something bad happens to the machine, you can either request for a free repair or a new one instead.
  9. Although this machine is automatic, this can also be operated manually. For example, if the electricity at your place goes out, the noodle or/and dumpling production(s) will not stop. The only problem you have is probably having more take-out orders than dining in at your restaurant. That is all good, if the money keeps coming in.

Surely, these nine (9) reasons should be enough for you to start investing in KT 985 noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik. Remember, producing 70 kilograms per hour means handing more items to your customers and gaining more income. More income means more profit. So, what else are you waiting for? It is time for you to buy this machine and leave the slow, traditional way of making noodles.



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