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Noodle industry revolution with KT 9125-5S noodles making machine Bayoran Teknik

What should you do if your business is going bigger and bigger? Of course, you got to expand your factory and get more laborer to work in the company. But what if you don’t have the resources to pay additional laborer? You can replace it with something cheaper and efficient. Replace it with something that has the power of many people in it. And that thing is, a machine.

That’s what the concept and the purpose of Bayoran Teknik in inventing the KT 9125-5S fully automatic noodles making machine. Bayoran Teknik is a company from Indonesia that sell noodles making machine Bayoran Teknik as its main product and have been playing in this field for 30 years. Bayoran teknik has also exported their machine to other countries outside Indonesia like Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

With these machines, Bayoran Teknik try to help people and especially businessman who are in the noodle industry to smoothen their business. Because the noodle industry itself has become one of the most promising business these days. Look how many people love to eat noodles. They eat ramen, bakso, mie goreng and kwetiau. Those are proofs that noodle industry has become bigger from times to times.

Bayoran Teknik has made many noodles making machine satisfy the consumer demand. From home industry machine, to huge machinery for factory like the KT 9125-5S. KT 9125-5S is equipped with 13,5 Hp/3 Phase engine and big capacities for approximately 500 kg per hour. Very suitable for those who wants to expand their noodle business.

It has a 13.500-watt electricity usage which is low for its category. The body size is 610 cm Length, 65 cm width, and 160 cm height. The KT 9125-5S automatic noodle making machine is also equipped with a durable cycloid gear dynamo that makes this machine endurance long and not easily broken. don’t worry if something happens to this machine. Bayoran Teknik has all the spare parts that can fixed the broken part of the machine.

This KT 9125-5S is specially made for people who want to produce raw noodle paste on a large scale. That is why this machine have 5 times pressing system with 5 machines in a cylinder shape. Don’t have to worry of repeating the pressing phase for many times. Only one-time rotation, and you will get your noodle paste done. You don’t need many people to make this machine works. With this machine, it is sure that you can make tons of noodle paste in one day.

noodles making machine bayoran teknik

With these machine, Bayoran Teknik has broken the theory that traditional noodle-making is still the best way to make noodles. Can you imagine how long it takes to make to noodle in a traditional way? First, you should gather all the ingredients such as flour, wheat, salt and other ingredients. After you got to stir it in a bowl or some sort and then stretching it, and twisting it until it reaches a springy texture. After all that step is done, you got to cut it yourself and it takes a long time.

Can you imagine? If you are a bakso or ramen merchant, and your customer got to wait for you to make the paste before you make his/her dishes. They will go away because it takes hours to wait. The traditional way is good, but in this era where all the things are fast, we must leave the traditional way and switch to the modern way.

For a big noodle factory, making tons of raw noodle paste is a must. Because big factory usually already has many customers that wants a routine supply of raw noodle paste. So, that is why Bayoran Teknik made the KT 9125-5S electric noodle maker machine that has a big capacity and higher press technology. The purpose is to fulfill the need of big noodle factory to make noodle paste in a short amount of time with big quantity.

To make noodle with this machine is very simple to operate. Here are the noodle making process with KT 9125-5S:

  1. First, make the paste of the noodle per the recipe you want. After mixing the paste put the paste on the cylinder.
  2. Click to the pressing button on the speed that you want. The speed factor will influence the noodle paste result. The paste will be entering the machine and make it flat. With 5 times pressing, a one-time rotation will be enough. But it depends on you. If you think the paste texture is not too good, you can repeat this step
  3. To make the noodle paste not sticky, you can sprinkle wheat flour/sago flour all over the paste.
  4. If you wish to make curly noodle, we can do it when it reaches the fifth pressing machine just by changing a few mechanical equipment in the machine.
  5. Insert the knife into the machine, and then press it again, this time with the knife on it. So, the noodle will be cut. Now you will get your noodle ready.

It is obvious that every businessman has the dream to expand their business on a larger scale. That is why a demand for an invention of technology is very needed. Helping producer to make their dream comes true is the main purpose of Bayoran Teknik inventing all its noodle machine especially the KT 9125-5S.

With all the feature KT 9125-5S fully automatic noodles making machine Bayoran Teknik have, your noodle business will surely make a lot of progress in the future. KT 9125-5S is the best noodle machine has ever made. KT 9125-5S will also reduce the production cost because it doesn’t need too many people to operate it. With a reasonable price, you can get all you want from a noodles making machine Bayoran Teknik.

Design specially for big noodle factory, its durability and endurance is not questionable. The need of a powerful machine that can make tons of good and springy texture of raw noodle paste in a short amount of time has been answered by the presence of KT 9125-5S.


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