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Make your noodle business bigger with KT 9105-4S noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik

In this globalization era, information and technology have become the main aspect in every single sector in our life. So many people these days are depending on technology. If you don’t know some route, there is GPS. People invented a robot to become a waiter in a cafe. High-tech machinery replaces people in the factory to lowering cost production. All this progress has made the life of the human being more simple and easier.

Everyone who dives into the business industry has their role in the global value chain. Some people will choose to have their own company and factory. Others prefer to be a distributor, and some decide to build their store. That is why business in this information and technology era will never die and will always be dynamic and spinning following the demand of the consumers. Globalization is the most comfortable zone for people to expand their business.

One of the most promising business these days is culinary. Culinary lately, has become a lifestyle. People talk about best restaurant, cheap but delicious food, which place is trending right now. They even post it on social media before eating it. Some even are just going to a restaurant to take a photo of the food and not eating it. Just for showing up. Everything is about “what are you eating today.”

The interesting thing is, the most used ingredients in food these days (especially in Asia) is the noodle. Many dishes use noodle as its main ingredients. Some of the most popular are ramen, spaghetti, bakso, banmian, pad thai, and much more. These delicious dishes use noodle. That is why noodle dishes is very popular these days.

For many years, noodle industry has created a lot of diverse business. Noodle dishes are sold starting from first class restaurants to street food. But the main actor of this business is noodle producer. Becoming a noodle producer means, having a company and a factory. And then it supplies the raw noodles paste in all sort of way. Distributing it to the agent is the simplest way. Other ways are selling it to the supermarket. But sometimes the merchant who sell bakso or banmian came to the factory themselves to buy the raw noodle.

If you are a man in this business, you probably making the noodle yourself. Industry who don’t produce a lot of raw noodles would only do it by handmade. Making it homemade will surely get you a perfect springy noodle. But of course, it will not be efficient at all. Usually, this kind of business is a home industry for small scale.

This problem makes people think of inventing a fully automatic noodle making machine. And now, there are a lot of these machine in the market. While the price is also very competitive. But if you’re looking for quality, Bayoran Teknik is one of the best in this case. Bayoran Teknik makes a lot of high technology noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik that will fit any business, from home industry to big factory.

If you are already a big player in this business and having a big factory, KT 9105-4S electric noodle maker machine Bayoran Teknik will fit you well.

KT 9105-4S is one of the best in its category. It surely has the power to revolutionized the whole noodle industry. With having KT 9105 in your factory, you don’t have to worry about making tons of noodle per day.

noodle making machine kt 9105

KT 9105 4S is only 500 cm length, 65 cm width, and 140 cm height. Not too big for a high technology machinery. Equipped with an 8 Hp/3 Phase engine and a 350kg per hour capacity which mean making 3 tons or more noodle in a day is possible to be done. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the endurance of the machine. Because KT 9105-4S have a cycloid gear driver dynamo which means, the machine will last longer and will not be easily broken even if you use it often. The usage of electricity is only 7500 watt/380 volts. You will have a lot of electricity saving with this machine.

Making a good noodle paste texture is not easy. Noodle making process with the hand will take hours and even days. With KT 9105-4S noodle maker machine, you will have 4 times pressing feature. That means you will get the same texture as the handmade in no time. Or even getting every texture that you want.

The steps to make noodle with the KT 9150-4S is simple since they have the same step with other machines.

  1. First, make the paste of the noodle per the recipe you want. After mixing the paste put it on the cylinder.
  2. Click to the pressing button on the speed that you want. The speed factor will influence the noodle paste result. You will notice the paste that enter the machine and get flattened. With 4 times pressing, one-time rotation will be enough. But it depends on you. If you think the paste texture is not good, you can repeat this step.
  3. In order to make the noodle paste not sticky, you can sprinkle wheat flour/sago flour all over the paste.
  4. Insert the knife into the machine, and then press it again, this time with the knife on it. So, the noodle will be cut. Now you will get your noodle ready.

Businesses that are related to noodle are very promising these days. It makes a lot of noodle making machine Bayoran Teknik made in the market. But there no machine as good as the Bayoran Teknik made. With high technology and reasonable price, Bayoran Teknik is surely the main player in the business.

And for you who is a businessman in the noodle industry in a small scale, you should start to build a bigger factory and make a lot of profit with the KT 9105-4S. By having the KT 9150-4S, your noodle business is sure to become significant. Get yourself one now.


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