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Easier noodle making with the GB 955 noodle making machine

Over the years’ scientist is asking questions, where were the first noodle is ever created? Some country like Arab, Italy, and China have all claimed that noodle has come from their culture. But after a long search, the scientists find the word noodle (in Chinese of course) has been written in a book that appears to be between AD 25 and 220 in China.
The first noodle ever found was in China. It was discovered in a place called Qinghai located in the northwest China. It was found in a flip over sealed bowl, buried in a sediment of three meters deep. Scientists claimed that it was a 4000 years old noodle. It is said that the noodle was color was yellow. Perhaps made from broomcorn and foxtail millet. Then it was from this research that scientists claim the first noodle ever created was in China.
For centuries, noodle has become the main ingredient in almost every dish for Asian people. In China, Japan, and Korea, noodle is a staple food that cannot be replaced by other food. Usually, the noodle is combined with other ingredients such as meat and vegetables. Noodles are easy to make, can be stored for a long time, and can be easily transported from one area to another. That is why noodle has become an important part of identifying historical development in East Asia.
As the times goes by, noodles have been brought by Chinese to all over Asia especially Southeast Asia. In Indonesia for example, many dishes involve noodle as its ingredients. There is Bakso, Bakmi, Kwetiau, Mi Sop, and many other dishes that are influenced by Chinese cuisine. Even Indomie, one of the best instant noodle in the world, comes from Indonesia. It has been exporting to all over the world and even to Africa.
That is why noodle industry and business has begun to grow and become one the most promising business these days. Many people dive into this business. Some get the success, others failed. That is why Bayoran Teknik invented noodles making machine help businessman growing their business. Bayoran Teknik is the best company in its class. Bayoran Teknik focus is making fully automatic noodles making machine on purpose to reduce the cost of production.
One of the best product ever invented by Bayoran Teknik is the GB 955 automatic noodles making machine. Many people have left the traditional way of making noodles. The traditional method of making noodles was too slow and takes a lot of times to make only one paste of noodles. This conventional method is not suitable anymore in this fast-paced era.
That is why people switch their way of making noodle from handmade to machine. However, not all noodle making machine can make noodles in a short amount of time and larger quantity. And not all machine can operate manually. It still needs human to operate the machine. That’s the difference between Bayoran Teknik Machine and others noodle making machine.

GB 955 is specially made for medium to huge noodle industry. But it can also fit for a big factory that makes tons of noodle a day because of unlimited capacities. Unlike other Bayoran Teknik noodle making machine, the GB 955 has a distinct feature on it. That distinct feature is the automatic noodle rolling technology.
Usually, after cutting the noodle paste, human hands are needed to roll the noodle paste manually. But with having GB 955, all the work is done automatically. Don’t have to bother rolling your noodle paste for hours. GB 955 is very suitable for a businessperson who wants to reduce the production cost by avoiding to hire more workers to do the job. Because only one person is needed to operate the GB 955 automatic noodles making machine. At the end of the pressing phase, there is no need of human interference at all. This machine will revolutionize the whole noodle industry.
GB 955 is equipped with a 1.5 Hp/3 Phase engine with unlimited and continuous capacity. Which mean you can have any quantity you want in one day. Its electricity usage is also economical for a high technology machine. Only 1100 watt/220 Volt (we can customize the voltage depending on your country). The GB 995 noodle making machine is not too big with only 210 cm length, 71 cm width, and 162 cm height. With only this size, it surely doesn’t need a lot of space in the factory.

The GB 955 is a specialized full automatic noodles making machine.

So, operating it will not be difficult at all. Here is the noodle making process with GB 955 machine:
automatic noodles making machine GB 955
1. First, make the paste of the noodle per the recipe you want. After mixing the paste put it on the cylinder.
2. Click to the pressing button on the speed that you want. The speed factor will influence the noodle paste result. The paste will enter the machine and make it flat. Repeat this steps until you reach the texture you want. (For pressing we recommend you to have our other noodle machine such as KL 945 or KT 955)
3. Insert the knife into the machine, and then press it again, this time with the knife on it. So, the noodle will be cut.
4. Insert the rolling machine at the edge of the pressing machine. This time, the paste will enter the cutting process and then enter the rolling process. All you should do is waiting the noodle become round and ready.

Bayoran Teknik understands well what the noodle industry need these days. An efficient, accurate, and fast system are and the only aspect that suits the modern noodle industry. Helping people in business who are engaged in noodle industry has become a must for Bayoran Teknik. Many companies also produce electric noodle maker machine. But no one is better than Bayoran Teknik company.
GB 955 is not only design for making raw noodle paste as other Bayoran Teknik machine does. But it has a new technology that can roll the noodle automatically, so it becomes round and ready to pack. This new technology will provide noodle businessman with a simpler and easier way to cut raw noodles paste. And for sure, it will grow the business larger and bigger.

To export the machines to other countries, we use of export division, PT Bayo Teknologi Permesinan Indonesia.


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