Bayoran Teknik Machinery: Noodles Making Machine SNL 7S-w600

Do you know how to produce your own noodle? Instead of getting it from a supermarket, you should make your own healthier and tastier noodle yourself.  People only know about how to cook a noodle than how to produce a noodle as they can find the noodle from popular recipes. But how to create your own noodle? Homemade noodle tastes way tastier as it is more delicious and healthy because you can select your own ingredients and seasonings to add in your noodle.

Homemade noodle is safe from preservative substances in it like those that are sold in supermarkets or markets because you produce it yourself. Making noodle at home does not require materials that are difficult to be found as they mostly are everyday ingredients that are easy to be found.

            SNL 7S-w600 is a noodles making machine Bayoran Teknik designated to assist you in producing your homemade noodle with easiness – so efficient that it won’t be needing a long time to produce noodle. This is an outstanding product from Bayoran Teknik that possess automatic cutter on the head of the machine that will minimize the cost of noodle production.

All you must do is to prepare all the ingredients for your noodle, and the machine can do the rest job for you – very suitable if you are planning to produce a mass portion of noodle. Then where can you get this machine to assist you in your work? Bayoran Teknik provides you with best-built machines for purposes including noodles making machine named SNL 7S-w600 that is ready to be utilized!

Let us provide you with a glimpse of information on the use and benefit of SNL 7S-w600 before explaining about why you should get your noodles making machine from Bayoran Teknik.

Egg Noodles Making Machine SNL 7S-w600 in a Glimpse


SNL 7S-w600 is one of the noodle-making machines built with advanced technology designated to assist in producing the best quality of noodle by an easy and fast method. You do not need to worry anymore whether your overloaded works will take a long time to process as the machine works fast enough to finish its job. As for the cost production, you do not need to worry as this machine will minimize the cost of production with its features.

noodles making machine

Operating an SNL 7S-w600 is simple as you just need to create the noodle dough by combining all the ingredients and seasonings. After creating the noodle dough, add in the dough into the tube on top of the machine and the machine will transform and process the dough into noodle quickly and absolutely in good quality – certainly a time wise! The machine comes with an automatic cutting and an automatic technology to adjust the size and the length of your noodle. A mass portion of noodle can be done just in a glimpse!

Why Bayoran Teknik Machinery?

As a local machinery company in Indonesia, Bayoran Teknik has already proven remarkable job in the eyes of other machinery companies across Indonesia. Their products have also started to compete with some products from overseas such as from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand.

Bayoran Teknik is there to serve the customer by providing the best products and quality to prove that the noodle making machines and other machines are far different than the regular machines. Bayoran Teknik has answered all the problems of the utmost manufacturers to provide high-quality noodles or any other kinds of products – so much beneficial for your business!

How to Use SNL 7S-w600

All you need to do is to prepare the ingredients for your noodle dough consisting of wheat flour, eggs, water, olive oil, and salt. Next step you must do is to combine all the ingredients for your dough into one and mix it evenly with your bare hands or a mixer. Leave the dough for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, your dough is ready to be added to the machine.

Now, insert the dough into the open tube on the top of the machine. Let the machine take the dough and transform it into a thin roll of dough. Put the first thin roll to the next machine that is still attached on SNL 7S-w600 to make the dough thinner.

On the second steps, the dough will be automatically cut into a string of noodles with average length. If you think that your noodle is too thick, repeat the process and try reducing the intensity of the dough. This process won’t take a long time to be done, and it’s very useful especially to those who are running a business that needs a mass portion of noodle with a short time to process.

“Why should I get a noodles making machine from Bayoran Teknik?” This kind of thought that we believe still in your mind right now. Why Bayoran Teknik? Bayoran Teknik has served the customer from very long time with its best quality products including the noodle-making machine called SNL 7S-w600 and will continue in doing so. By using the noodle-making machine named SNL 7S-w600 by Bayoran Teknik, producing a homemade noodle that is healthy and good in quality can be done quickly and simply.


The quality of this machine has been tested, thus guaranteed the machine would last for a long time or probably until the next decades. The materials and substances equipped and attached in SNL 7S-w600 are also food-grade stainless steel which is cleaner and won’t be easily corroded. A machine produced by Bayoran Teknik is suitable for all kinds of businesses ranging from small to medium-sized businesses. Operating the machine is very easy and simple, even it won’t be needing any more extra employees to operate the machine because of the easiness and its simplicity.


If you are still not convinced, you can visit the head office located in Jalan Panjang 42 Kamp Baru, Sukabumi Selatan, West Jakarta or (021) 5321737 and 0812 1037590 (Budiman) to have them explain it to you all information you need. Bayoran Teknik also has a showroom that located in Jalan Raya Kebayoran Lama 1, South Jakarta. You can also find information regarding Bayoran Teknik types of machinery on or Bayoran Teknik has published videos mentioning several machines including SNL 7S-w600 on YouTube, and you might be interested in visiting their channel on Bayoran Teknik Mesin Mie to know more about it.