Do you know noodles? What is the type of noodles ? How to make a good noodle. Everything is in here. Noodle Machine from Bayoran Teknik.


Noodles are foods that come from China. Developed to Indonesia and liked by the people. Noodles are generally made from wheat flour but some are also using rice flour.

Noodles can be found anywhere. Taverns and noodle restaurants scattered everywhere. Noodles is a long and flat-shaped food. The texture is chewy and tasty. The best noodles are eaten hot.

There are various types of noodles. There are small to large noodles. Small size noodles are usually Hongkong noodles and large sizes are usually udon noodles. Noodles from Indonesia, the variety of noodles. There are aceh noodles, java noodles, chicken noodles, palembang noodles, Jakarta Noodles and much more.

Some Asians love eating noodles. Almost done every day. noodles can be processed into sauce noodles or fried noodles. Appropriate taste of the audience.

The most delicious noodles served while warm. In addition to the sprinkling of fried onions, leeks, chicken and mushrooms and beef.

Now will be served a little info about the Noodle Machine.

Noodle Machine

Noodle Machine is a tool in making noodles. Making noodles would be easier if using a noodle maker. Making noodles is very simple and does not require a long time. Because of Noodle Maker Machine.

Bayoran Teknik has Original Indonesia Noodle Machine. Machines with varying capacities. Can Make Noodles small to large size. Flexible and easy to use.

Noodle Machine capable of making noodles with large quantities. Many Noodle Producers are wearing Noodle Makers. The advantage of using Noodle Machine is able to produce noodles with the best quality.

Bayoran Teknik has been experienced in the field of Noodle Maker Machine. More than 30 years standing in Indonesia. Providing the Best Quality with the Cheapest Price.

Please call us at +62 812 1037590 or email to Bayoran Teknik, Noodle Machine Made In Indonesia and World Quality.