The History of Noodles Making Machine

The making of noodle has been the art in the cuisine world. From the hand-pulled la mian to the knife-sliced noodle, noodle making has been a special skill. However, the high rate of noodle consumption makes it impossible to make a high quantity of noodle in short time. Furthermore, noodle consumers are now spread all over the world outside Asia.

It can be said that the hardest part of making noodle is the kneading part. The noodle dough should be kneaded until it contains no clumps. It requires a lot of energy and time before the dough is ready to be cut, pulled or sliced. It’s not until around the year of 700 that the mechanical noodle making tools started to appear. It operates in a manual system to help the noodle maker use less energy in producing noodle.

noodles making

Through the centuries, the mechanical noodle maker developed into the noodles making machine. In Indonesia, Bayoran Teknik has been the leading manufacturer of noodle machine for more than 30 years. We provide the noodle industry with a series of noodle making machine that has all the function the industry needs. Through the years, Bayoran Teknik has developed a various technology of noodle machine. From the simple straight noodle machine like KL 945 to the technology of dried noodle machine in W 600.

Not only that, Bayoran Teknik also offers noodles making machine that uses food grade materials. The food businesses should have no worry about their product cleanliness. To serve our customers better, we provide after-sales services like warranty and spare-part selling.

We would like to share more knowledge in noodles making with our customers. We want to make sure that our experiences in noodles making machine will help our customers in producing the best noodle. This is why we always try to provide the best applicable noodle making machine for our customers’ business.