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If you are looking for a good noodle machine. They are factors you must really pay attention to.

  • First is the “size“. You can not buy a too cheap price. There are machines that is suitable for your kitchen that only cost you around 20 dollars.  But small noodle making machine can only give you a low quality of noodles. Actually to make a good noodle, the bigger the machine, the better noodle qualities it can give you. Small machine has a small diameter of roll press which. The pressing power is small. If you have experience in making noodle manually, you will always press the dough noodle over and over again many times with your hands in order to ensure the chewy feeling when the customer bite the noodle. It is the same when you put the practice in the machine. That’s why, buying a bigger machine is an important factor to ensure your your noodle’s quality.
  • Noodle Ingredient. Why do we say this factor is also important is because some companies just manufacture their noodle making machine without knowing how to make a good noodle. A good noodle must have a good ingredient. And an experienced company will always let you know about all of these. In other word, they will always want to ensure their customers to have all they need in the noodle business
  • Stainless Steel. Some companies manufacture their noodle machine with made-of-iron press roller. This will effect your noodle quality as it is not hygienic. A good noodle machine must have a food grade made-of-stainless steel roller press so that it will not rust for the next years ahead. Some companies purposely construct their low-cost noodle machine just to have a more competitive advantage on the price. Thats why they use iron for the roller press which is cheaper. Bayoran Teknik make a good noodle machine which we always use a food grade stainless steel to whichever parts of the machine that have contact with the noodles.
good noodle machine

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