Noodle Machine Bayoran Teknik

Made in Indonesia

Bayoran Teknik has a long experience in noodle making and currently is the largest noodle machinery manufacturer company in Indonesia. We have manufactured noodle making machine for 30 years. With cutting-edge manufacturing machines, we make and assemble our products with great precision and commitment. And from time to time, the noodle business just keep growing. Our export and import division, PT Bayo Teknologi Teknologi Permesinan Indonesia, we are exporting our noodle machine to various countries in the world. We have ship our machines to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, America etc. Now everyone can enjoy the benefit of the most efficient noodle machine ever made.

The company has started from a humble man. Mr Lie Bok Tjoa / JusminĀ from Bagan Siapi-api, Sumatera. With just a hobby and perseverance, he built the company from scratch.

noodle machine bayoran teknik
  • Cost Saving 100%
  • Durability 100%
  • Efficiency 100%