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With our experience in manufacturing noodles making machine, we ensure our customers to possess the very best noodles machine they can get in the market. Our products vary from 15 kilograms/hour to 600 kilograms of capacity production per hour. From ready to cook instant noodles to the flavourous fresh noodles or ramen. Our machines will always help you accomplish your production target in less time. Whether you are a start-up or noodle factory, using our machine will be the suitable solution in terms of cost-saving, productivity and noodle quality. Even if you do not have any noodle making’s experience, we will guide you through in becoming an expert in noodle making. What are you waiting? Contact us immediately!

Limitless Need For Noodles Around The World

Noodle Machine Noodle Maker From Bayoran Teknik

Noodle Machine KT 955

Best Choice for Restaurant, Home Industry and Start-Up Business Noodles

Noodle Machine Noodle Maker From Bayoran Teknik

Noodle Cutter KTCA 955

Boost your noodles production with its automatic cutting

Noodle Machine Noodle Maker From Bayoran Teknik

Noodle Maker KT 985-2S

Noodle Machine for growing noodle company

Noodle Machine Noodle Maker From Bayoran Teknik

Noodle Machine KL 945

Suitable for everybody! Make dumpling skin too!

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Because I'm Hungryyyy!


There is a noodle in your head. Use it to think!

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Good Quality Noodle Machine

If you are looking for a good noodle machine. They are factors you must really pay attention to. First is the "size". You can not buy a too cheap price. There are machines that is suitable for your kitchen that only cost you around 20 dollars.  But small noodle making...
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Noodles Making Machine SNL-7S-W600

Do you know how to produce your own noodle? Instead of getting it from a supermarket, you should make your own healthier and tastier noodle yourself.  People only know about how to cook a noodle than how to produce a noodle as they can find the noodle from popular...
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History of Noodle Making

The History of Noodles Making Machine The making of noodle has been the art in the cuisine world. From the hand-pulled la mian to the knife-sliced noodle, noodle making has been a special skill. However, the high rate of noodle consumption makes it impossible to make...
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Noodle Machine From Bayoran Teknik

Do you know noodles? What is the type of noodles ? How to make a good noodle. Everything is in here. Noodle Machine from Bayoran Teknik. Noodle Noodles are foods that come from China. Developed to Indonesia and liked by the people. Noodles are generally made from...
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Noodle Machine From Bayoran Teknik noodle maker noodle ramen noodle udon